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We’ve worked with over 250 companies during our 40-year history, from Fortune 500 to future unicorns, because we deliver complete turnkey solutions for product and process innovations with complete confidentiality.

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About Our Lab

Shear Kershman Labs helps organizations develop new products and optimize existing products and product lines.

Deep expertise in proprietary technologies with sustained and targeted release applications. We get your product exactly where you want it in the body and performing at an optimal level you may not have thought possible.

Not just development. With every project, we focus on addressing your needs after the development stage as well, providing contract manufacturing identification assistance, process equipment help (both design and manufacturing). Unlike larger firms, we iterate design and development, ensuring your success is cost effective and profitable.


What We Do

Pharmaceutical Consulting — Over 200 years combined experience in human and animal pharmaceutical development.


Our comprehensive food science expertise allows us to help CPG companies biggest food and confection challenges across extrusion, dried, baked canned and freeze-dried. One of our accounts stated they will save nearly $10M based on our consulting work.


We have helped vaccine companies with adjuvant technologies, as well as developed novel injection formulation alternatives. Expertise in autoinjector technology and other medical devices.

Nutraceuticals and Food Science

With comprehensive backgrounds in food science and food chemistries, we help solve companies’ biggest challenges from preservative systems, to “frozen to toaster” patent-pending technologies, to manufacturing challenges across dried, baked, canned and freeze-dried


Many of our technologies cross human and animal and we have brought scores of animal health products to the market with our partners.

Sustained Release Technology

Pioneered the first commercially-available sustained release technology. Continue to innovate for pharmaceutical and OTC product companies from the big multi-nationals to start-ups and new biotech.

Targeted and Controlled Release Technology

Capabilities include encapsulation, enrobing, and dosage design technologies that allow your pharma or OTC actives to be distributed exactly where your patients require.

Shear Kershman Labs

Trusted Worldwide for More than 40 Years.

We love innovating. We love problem solving. Let us help you deliver your company’s best pipeline.


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